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Cyber Posture Management Bundle Release

[Singapore, Feb 14, 2024] – Human Managed, a leading cloud-native data platform, is proud to announce the launch of its Cyber Posture Management [CPM] Bundle. It is a comprehensive data-driven cyber operations solution designed to control cyber threats, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, violations, and reduce business risks. It does so by providing intelligence and recommendations for fast and actionable decision making.

A holistic data-driven security solution for enterprises

The Human Managed CPM Bundle automates fundamental data-driven services for cyber ops in enterprises. This holistic solution comprisesfour services necessary for organizational cyber readiness and maturity in today’s world flooded with data and tools: 

  • Asset management for visibility and accuracy of the current state of digital assets, their relationships and their importance to the business
  • Cloud security posture management (CSPM) for speedy and accurate contextualization, prioritization of detections for effective cyber operations
  • Attack surface management (ASM) for localized visibility of threats
  • Compliance for continuous and accurate assessment of compliance

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Simplified, flexible and timely security platform for building cyber resilience

Business leaders need to make quick decisions when they identify threats and be able to respond to attacks as fast as possible to ensure cyber resilience within their company. Currently, enterprises are getting swamped by managing multiple cyber security modules leading to information overload and indecision.

Karen Kim, CEO of Human Managed, said, “Human Managed is disrupting the market norm by making cybersecurity management more data-driven and holistic. We are launching the CPM Bundle to provide speed, simplicity, and flexibility for the customer with up to 25% cost savings. The CPM Bundle ensures all services are contextualized to the business automatically, with all intel, decision and recommendation in one interface. Customizable notification and dispatch workflows via any preferred channel (e.g. email, Slack, Teams, etc.) allow for timely notifications for decision makers.”

“There is no requirement for any additional procurement. Enterprises can either use existing investments in tools to act as data sources or activate the Human Managed platform’s 50+ out-of-the-box technology partners. There is no long-term contract lock-in, and the pricing model does not penalize based on data volume, as evident in most solutions available in the market. Try before you buy, with an optional monthly subscription.”, Karen Kim added.

Discovery to deployment customized for each business

The CPM Bundle is available to enterprises of all sizes. Service onboarding requires minimal effort from the customer organization and will be completed within two weeks. Deploying and configuring the CPM solution involves discovery, design workshops and implementation activities. Human Managed domain experts will work with customers to identify their monitoring requirements and objectives, ascertain their risk profile, and gather details about their environment and assets. These include understanding the business criticality of assets and existing security operations capabilities to determine the Data Collection Infrastructure requirements, posture use cases, and data sources required. A Service Blueprint is created, implemented, and tested before being handed over to the ServiceOps team for ongoing operations.

Current customers of Human Managed services in the essential services industries include [some of the largest] global banks, financial services institutions (clearing houses, payment systems), educational institutions in the ASEAN markets, including the Philippines and Cambodia.

Cyberattacks: no longer a matter of “if” but “when.”

With the average annual cost of cybercrime on the rise, expected to increase from $8.4trillion in 2022 to more than $23 trillion in 2027, reports suggest that Asia Pacific is particularly vulnerable when compared to its global counterparts, accounting for 31% of all incidents remediated worldwide. Studies indicate that perpetrators are taking advantage of post-covid, digital adoption having outpaced digital literacy and cyber-awareness amongst users. It’s been estimated that the top 1000 companies in Southeast Asia are at risk of losing US $750 billion in market capitalization because of cybersecurity threats.

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