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Human Managed 1.12.1 updated with geochart

Since its first release on 13 March 2023, the Human Managed web app has been getting fresh updates every single week to report on intel generated from any data source from our customers.

πŸ“Note: Read more about our approach to creating intel on your digital business' assets, postures & behavior, and establishing πŸ”—relationshipsπŸ”— between them to improve your decisions and actions for many use cases.

Today we've released some exciting updates to our version 1.12, giving you even more ways to get intel on the digital assets of your business.


geochart 🌏

Untitled design (20).png
  • What: an interactive geospatial chart that shows your data based on location
  • Why: allows you to easily visualize and explore geographic information of your business, and understand key metrics without leaving the page
  • How: send any data to with metric and region code

πŸ“Note: Every element on our web app is updated continuously -- as your data changes, the visuals / reports change without requiring any effort from you. The geochart is no different.

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The geochart has a number of features to help you explore your data. In this example, this geochart visualizes device assets by region.

legend by region

Click on the color coded region of interest from the legend to navigate the geochart

map gif 1.gif

markers by scale

The circle markers designate regions that are scaled according to the value of the metric (the bigger the circle, the larger the numeric data)

map gif3.png

Hover over a circle marker to see the data underneath (in this case, specific location within the region and the number of device detected that location)

map gif 4.gif

And that is 1.12.1! We will be releasing more features and updates regularly, so stay tuned.

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