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Scaling cloud agnostic object storage

Organizations today have a lot of data. What they don't have is what comes after the data. We take your data from any source as input and deliver intelligence, recommended decisions and actions as output.

Our cloud-native, data-agnostic platform is currently:

  • connected to 110+ data sources and counting
  • ingesting 2.5TB to 3TB data per day
  • processing 114M alerts and events per day

Where do we store collected processed data?

We picked MinIO as Cloud agnostic Highly Available Object Storage for our Platform that can be Scaled Up or Scaled Out on demand to store the Processed logs. MinIO Object storage acts a Data lake layer of the Human Managed Platform. Life Cycle management policies are applied in MinIO such that only the fast access to hot tier data lives in MinIO and the rest are further extended to the Cloud’s native Object storage service like S3, Cloud Storage etc.

How do we manage MinIO?

We created custom Cloud agnostic Helm chart and templates to deploy the appropriates that are needed first for MinIO. MinIO Tenants are then deployed on respective Kubernetes Clusters in various Clouds and are replicated amongst each other. Hence even if a whole Cloud solution fails, HM Platform’s Object storage solution would still function as they are replicated across other Tenants in other Clouds. This supports seamless continuation of service consumption. Each MinIO Tenant is separately monitored by Monitoring team using Prometheus metrics and Grafana dashboards. Human Managed uses Istio Ingress Gateway to effectively utilize the Cloud Load Balancers to support ingress to the Object storage.

Duration to bring a Tenant to live?

Provisioning Object storage solution in Human Managed is automated and would take approximately 30 minutes to come to live.

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