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Case Study: driving service performance with intelligence from data

Since its first release on 13 March 2023, the Human Managed web app has been getting fresh updates every single week to report on intel generated from any data source from our customers.

Our very first release 1.0 was on our front page headlines for your business (a.k.a. Bottom Line Up Front). This feature tells you the most important things you need to know about *insert intel of your choice* of your digital business.

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Today, we are excited to share how our customer (a corporate wellness and professional services company) co-created their own headlines to measure the key performance metrics on their core service (wellness consultation and matching members with professional healthcare counselor) continuously, and using the web app to consume their personalised business intel.

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hm's customer wanted a continuous feed of key metrics to measure their core service offering and their users' interactions with their service on a single page.


Key performance indicators of their service includes (metrics shown in purple box, trend in green):

  • metrics and trends on users: newly provisioned account, active users, user demographics and key attributes, etc.
  • metrics and trends on service utilization: booked consultations, booking frequency, completed consultation, no-show rate, top reason for consultation, etc.
  • metrics and trends on service conversion: conversion from pre-service assessment to completed consultation, etc.


Having key service performance metrics on a single page gives them a consistent view of their core business and their users.

This initial 'launchpad' allows them to quickly identify areas for improvements and opportunities, and also forms the basis of future analysis and use case development


  1. understand customer's business, their services / products / resources to establish context,
  2. identify key metrics and trends that matter to business performance and strategy to establish output,
  3. connect sources (e.g. identity and access management solution, form & survey app, booking & scheduling app) to collect, store, process and analyze data to generate personalized intel

Here is a screen capture of our ✨designs✨ from workshops with customer, displaying some of the charts, narratives and metrics to present on our app.

Image from iOS (1).gif

...And this marks the beginning of our journey with the customer to get intel on-demand on their core services. We can't wait to see what comes next, as we analyze their data further and build more use cases to drive better decisions and actions.

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We will be releasing more features and updates regularly, so stay tuned.

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