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Human Managed 1.15.2 updated with remediation for CIS policy violations

Since its first release on 13 March 2023, the Human Managed web app has been getting fresh updates every week or two to report on intel generated from any data source from our customers.

Recently, we've had a series of releases on use cases to improve overall cyber posture of an organization:

- v.13 for network posture violation

- v.14 for cloud posture violation

- v.15 for ISO 27001:2022, SOC 2, NIST And CIS Benchmark compliance

- v.15.1 for compliance scorecards

Today we are excited to release further updates on v1.15 for you to not only consume intel about posture violation and compliance, but to *act* on them.


remediations for violations 🛠️

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  • What: a drill-down page from every cloud config violation, its check, the check's rationale and remediation steps
  • Why: allows you to understand the violation's impact across all monitored assets and mitigate prioritized violation issues on the spot
  • How: Forward or connect data (cloud resources under AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions, and GCP projects) to build, configure, and monitor cloud compliance use cases on the platform.

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Here is the intel to decision to action flow:

1. Check the I.De.A cards on top of every use case page to inform your next decision and action.


2. Alternatively, explore the data grid to decide on your priorities


2. See details about the check including other assets affected by the same violation and remediation steps to fix it.




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And that is 1.15.2! We will be releasing more features and updates regularly, so stay tuned.

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