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Human Managed 1.7.1 updated with asset profile grid

On 3 May 2023, we've released the Human Managed web app 1.7. Read more about it here.

Today we are releasing some exciting feature updates to our version 1.7, serving drill downs of the data sitting behind our charts and narratives.


asset profile grid

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An interactive data grid that lists all the important attributes that make up the profile of your digital assets, including their criticality, sensitivity, and active controls they have (or lack thereof).

📝 Note: Read about how we define and classify assets (Resource / Product / Service) and why knowing them are important for decision making to any business.

The grid view with its filtering and sorting capabilities allows you to explore the asset data as you see fit, to identify gaps in the completeness of data, and to complement any operations processes. For example:

  • validate asset information for detections,
  • initiate projects to configure controls for critical assets without controls,
  • update sensitivity and criticality for all assets that impact services,
  • data source for compliance / audit exercises
asset profile 4.jpg

asset profile 2.jpg


The consolidated view of asset profile gives a single source of truth of your assets' current state, from a combination of your data straight from the sources, as well as the unique business context provided by you and your team: what it is, where it is, how important it is to your business, whether it has the control(s) it needs.


Forward data to from any data source (devices, app, api, compute, storage, tool or services that generate log, metrics, traces, event data, alerts).

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And that is 1.7.1! We will be releasing more features and updates regularly, so stay tuned.

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